Dr Simone Baum

I was born and raised in what I consider to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Vancouver, of course! Who could not love the natural landscape of ocean, forests, and mountains and the way the city shines on a clear, sunny day. I know, I know, we get a lot of rain here, but that accounts for our lush green environment that provides us with so much.

I recently moved back after spending the last decade studying outside the city. In 1998, I received my Bachelors of Arts with Distinction in Psychology from McGill University in Montreal. Having wanted to become a Physician since I was a child, I incorporated my Premedical School Courses in a primarily Arts Program that focused on Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology. I believe that understanding people starts with learning about their culture and/or environment.

After Montreal, I returned to Vancouver to work in various research labs at UBC; Developmental Language Acquisition in new-born babies, Health Psychology emphasizing Cardiovascular Health, the Perception of Pain via facial expressions, and Counseling Psychology focusing on resiliency in trauma survivors. These studies enabled me to further understand the analysis of research and the necessity of becoming aware of new medical studies as medicine is a field that is always progressing.

In 1999, I began the Naturopathic Medical Program at Bastyr University (www.bastyr.edu ) in Seattle. I wanted to study Naturopathic Medicine because it bridged my two interests of Counseling and Medicine. The program also emphasized natural living and environmentalism, two values that are very important to me and that I believe are important for general well-being.

Outside of my practice, I enjoy laughing with friends and family. I study Ashtanga yoga and have a passion for reading, walking, listening to music, and seeing movies. My love for traveling has exposed me to many different cultures and traditions and has enabled me to understand the variety of cultures that live together in Vancouver today.

I hope to assist you in your journey for better health and healing.

· Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr University, 2004
· BA with distinction in Psychology, McGill University, 1998

· Certificate Honours in Counseling
· Certificate in Craniosacral Therapy 1
· Certificate in Biotheurapeutic Drainage Remedies (Unda Remedies)

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